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​​The Organic Scientist : STEAMM Classes For Kids

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Our staff at The Organic Scientist strongly believe in the importance of introducing science to children using a STEAMM  based approach.  The philosophy of STEAMM revolves around the merging of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math and Mindfulness to produce a more well-rounded education. The goals are to produce students who are critical thinkers, that engage in experimental learning, persist in problem solving and succeed in the creative learning process.

Children are amazing scientists. They are bright, inquisitive and insightful. Their questions often surprise and amaze us. To accommodate the inquisitive needs of our students, The Organic Scientist has created a curriculum filled with a vast library of unique STEAMM based hands-on experiments, spectacular demonstrations and real world discussions guaranteed to capture to hearts of all participants. Our summer workshops allow kids to become junior scientists and embark on a series of adventures which will expand their perception of the world around them while having fun.  

*All proceeds from our programs will be donated to 
The Butterfly Children Charity (DEBRA Spain)
Love Without Borders-For Refugees In Need